İstanbul Bilgi University Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research Center – Bilgi TÜRMER

Bilgi TÜRMER teaches Turkish by immersing the students in the language.

The program includes analytical methods on sound and structure as well as interactive applications for speech practice. Participants will benefit from experiencing the city and college life in our centrally located campuses.

The program is open to all who wish to learn Turkish as a foreign language and is carried out in line with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

LEARN TURKISH @ İstanbul Bilgi University TÜRMER

İstanbul Bilgi University’s Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research Center, Bilgi TÜRMER, officially started in July 2013 and had its first meeting with students in October 2013. The learning methods are based on the distinct structural and semantic properties of Turkish, as this is considered appropriate for learners of Turkish. The classes use both books put together according to European Language Portfolio’s language levels, and audio-visual materials prepared in line with the needs of the class and students.

Participants are placed in courses based on their level of Turkish. Those without prior knowledge of Turkish start with the A1 elementary level. Those with prior Turkish language experience may start at levels A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2, depending on the results of a placement test. Those already holding a course certificate may automatically progress to the subsequent level without the need for a placement test.

In teaching the four basic skills of language – reading, listening, writing, and speaking – the classes use a method known as the “drama method”. This method facilitates retention of information and is often considered to be more entertaining and straightforward. The drama method helps to accelerate the learning process by making use of body language and imagination when practicing phonological elements such as stress, intonation, and rhythm.

There are various additional learning aids used to support the courses. In the classroom, projectors and audio systems are used. In addition, native Turkish speakers are often invited to classes to ensure real-life simulations in a fun and relaxed environment.

The objective for attendees of all levels is to improve their use and understanding of Turkish in situations where they require it in daily life (social occasions and daily interactions). An additional target is to enable reading texts and comprehension skills; writing ideas, thoughts and feelings; and proceeding to learn the language after having completed the Turkish grammar course.

The Bilgi TÜRMER staff includes dynamic and versatile teachers who are continually looking to develop by researching and practicing modern methods. The staff are enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and enjoy the experience of being in a language-teaching environment. At the center, the focus is not just on the technical side language, but also on fields where language intersects with real life and culture. Hence, classroom activities are supplemented with trips in Istanbul, where speaking activities about the places visited are carried out over a cup of traditional tea or Turkish coffee. During trips, participants can apply the linguistic material they have pre-studied to real-life cases. Furthermore, in situations where they run into difficulties, they can ask for the teacher’s help. The trip experiences are discussed extensively in class afterwards, paving the way for the participants to experience better communication in daily life.

Bilgi TÜRMER is located at santralistanbul, which has a reputation for being one of Istanbul’s finest university campuses. There are free shuttle services to the campus from the city’s major hubs, including Beşiktaş, Mecidiyeköy, Halıcıoğlu, and Pangaltı.